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Moonshine still equipment: Why not make your own Moonshine?

If you are a little rusty on the whole process, we can take a trip back to the highschool chemistry lab. It is a simple chemical separation of water and ethyl alcohol (ethanol) based on the difference in their boiling points. Possibly some of you with a science background may have even experimented with this process in attempt to create your own ethanol (or moonshine) in highschool or college. It may or may not have worked very well, but when putting a proper moonshine still to use, you can create a very high proof moonshine, indeed!

Traditionally, the still is usually made of copper which is useful to remove the impurities which are in a sulphurious form. The free radical combines with sulphur and this is how the unpleasant taste (and bad hangover) are removed from the final distillate. However, a stainless steel still can have the same effect by putting copper mesh inside of it. Then, you get the best of both worlds! You get the filtering effect of the copper but the durability and cleanliness of the stainless steel.

The quality of the final product largely depends on the quality of the distillation equipment used. Distillation columns are made up of several components, each of which is used either to transfer heat energy or enhance material transfer. The more complex reflux still design is comprised of a vertical shell where the liquid separation takes place, a reflux chamber which provides additional vapor enrichment, possibly column internals like plates/ trays that are used to increase component separations, and a condenser which is used to bring down the temperature of the vapors and condense it into the final distillate.

The whiskey still is basically a combination of stainless steel milk can boiler and stainless steel traditional pot still head. The domed shape of the boiler reduces the risk of boiling your wash through the column and the column has no reflux which allows for a high distillate volume and flavor throughout. The whiskey thus produced will speak gallons about its pristine look and taste since it is really moonshine with Moon shine.

If you are into whiskey or moonshine production and looking for the best quality equipment that can help you makes pure and clean moonshine then it is advisable for you to navigate through the web and locate the best online source that can fulfill your needs at nominal prices.


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