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Why Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil is Very Popular Among Beach Lovers in Summer

Tea tree oil has amazing healing abilities due to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-septic properties. It has been known to provide really effective cure to dermatological problems with almost no side effects at all. The oil itself is toxic if consumed or applied in high concentrations. But when it is diluted with the use of compatible carriers and applied in the prescribed manner, the results are simply marvellous.

Beach lovers, who love to spend time at the beaches and enjoy the cool waters, find tea tree oil to be highly beneficial. Apart from common skin problems like acne and dry skin, the oil is able to cure toenail fungus which troubles people who visit the beaches. There are other alternative treatments for removing fungus. However, they take up a lot of time and may not necessarily deliver the desired results.

How Does Toenail Fungus Develop

Toenail fungus develops over time, but it is usually picked up when people walk barefoot at a swimming pool, locker room, or even from a sketchy nail salon pedicure. The fungus needs warm, moist and dark environments to thrive and grow. The problem with toenail fungus is that once it grows on a particular nail, it can spread to other areas including finger nails.

The early signs of fungal infection can be detected by looking for a tiny white or yellow spot underneath the tip of the nail. The extent of the fungal infection is marked by growth under (and into) the nail which renders it unrecognizable. It is better to be alert to all possible signs of infection and get treated when the infection is at its primitive stages.

Alternative Treatments and Their Side Effects

There are alternative treatments for toenail fungus. Not all seem to work properly and some of them can have dire outcomes. Check out the common treatments for fungal infections below.

  • Oral Antifungals

These are oral medications that treat fungal infections. However they can be pretty expensive and can lead to fatal outcomes such as liver damage in some people. This should be avoided if a possible allergy exists for such medications.

  • Nail Lacquers

Nail lacquers (infused with antifungal components) may be painted over the nails and then be compelled to wait for almost a year to expect some signs of relief to show. There is no guarantee that this method would work successfully as studies reveal that it has a 10% success rate.

  • Nail Removal

This is an effective treatment for fungal infections in toenails, but it is generally advised for serious infections. Nail removal procedures are not the most comfortable experiences and can be very painful, depending upon the pain threshold of the patient.

Treating Toenail Fungus with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, in the right concentration and with the right carrier, needs to be applied on the infected areas twice a day. This should be repeated every day for approximately 8-10 weeks. The process is long and laborious, but it has a guaranteed success rate. The reason behind the long duration of the treatment is that the nail needs to completely grow out so that no traces of the fungus are left behind.

Follow this procedure to cure toenail infections with tea tree oil.

  • Clean the nail(s) thoroughly and wipe them dry.
  • Trim them as much as possible. Do not trim beyond comfort or else the area could bleed, causing more problems. 
  • Put 3-5 drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and apply on the toe nail. Make sure that the oil is applied on the top as well as under the toenail. 
  • Repeat this process 2-3 times a day, depending on the extent of fungal infection.

Once done, dispose the cotton ball safely and wash the hands to avoid fungal infection from spreading to other areas.

Why Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil is Popular Amongst Beach Lovers in Summer

Bael Wellness’s tea tree oil is unique in its composition with high Terpinen-4-OL & low Cineole concentrations. This particular ratio makes the oil highly anti-septic while greatly reducing irritation that is experienced occasionally after applying tea tree oil. The oil itself has a refreshing fragrance due to which one does not need to bear with unpleasant “oil aromas”. Moreover, the bottle comes with a mouth dropper (for convenient pouring of the oil) and a safety seal (to prevent spillage). This particular combination of various components is unique to Bael Wellness’s Tea Tree Oil and is not available elsewhere.

Beach lovers prefer Bael Wellness’s oil because it guarantees them of cure from fungal infections and provides them adequate protection despite being in a moist and damp environment. The beach is a common public place which means that hygiene control may not necessarily be up to the mark. Fungal infections, septic wounds, and skin problems can occur as a result of the moist environment and the heat of summer. Those who are planning to hit the beaches during summer can prepare in advance by undergoing tea tree oil treatments, and they can also carry it along for treating sudden occurrence of skin problems.

Author Box:

Ashish Upadhyay is a fitness and health enthusiast who has been researching about effective home remedies and alternative treatment for common issues, especially the use of tea tree oil in treating dermatological problems. Order Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil here.

Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil
Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil


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