Vietnam Art Books -- Cham cultural festival leaves deep impression (September 03, 2004)

Cham cultural festival leaves deep impression (September 03, 2004)

The Cham Cultural Days Festival successfully concluded at the Van Ho Culture and Art Exhibition Centre in Hanoi on Tuesday.

The closing ceremony took place in a cheerful atmosphere, warmed by the finest music of Cham culture and traditional dances, which left good impressions on visitors and artists.

The five-day festival was a big get-together for the Cham community and a good chance for Hanoi to gain a better understanding about an ancient culture that has significantly enriched Vietnamese culture.

During the event, many other cultural activities were also held to preserve and develop the culture of Cham people, including an exhibition displaying bronze sculptures, brocade products, as well as photos featuring the life and traditions of Cham people. A seminar was held to discuss ways to preserve and promote the cultural life of Cham people. In addition, a traditional costume show and folk games event provided further entertainment for visitors.

*** On Tuesday, Vice State President Truong My Hoa received a delegation of craft-masters, artists and cadres from the Cham ethnic group, who were attending the "Days of Cham Culture in Hanoi 2004 Festival".

The Vice President said that the Cham group is a member of the Vietnamese great family and Cham cultural heritage is one of the nation's precious treasures. The festival is a good opportunity for foreign guests and Hanoians to understand about the Cham people's material and spiritual life, Mrs Hoa noted.

She stressed that the Party and Government have always paid attention to improving the lives of ethnic groups nationwide, including the Cham. She expressed her hope that Cham craft experts, artists and cadres would continue to preserve their culture and contribute to building an advanced Vietnamese culture imbued with national identity.

Head delegate and Deputy Minister of Culture and Information Dinh Quang Ngu, on behalf of more than 500 Cham artists, expressed his gratitude to the Party and Government for their care and their joy and said that Cham people were proud to participate in the festival.

Reprinted from VOV News


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