Vietnam Art Books -- Phuong Viet, a promising painter of Hanoi (September 24, 2004)

Phuong Viet, a promising painter of Hanoi (September 24, 2004)

Lotus flower in late summer.
Born in Hang Ma (the street selling paper votive objects) Dang Phuong Viet has specialised in the theme of the spiritual world. Having won some national prizes, Dang Phuong Viet is considered a promising young talent of Hanoi.

Having graduated from the Fine Arts University in 1999, his graduation work featured two wood-cut paintings entitled ‘Mua’ (Dance) and ‘Trau Cau’ (Betel and Areca) which are the largest paintings currently displayed at the university now (81x98). These paintings have also been exhibited in Austria .

Phuong Viet has successfully pursued his career as he was born into a family of artists: his father is a painter and his grandfather used to be a popular artisan.

Apart from the theme of the spiritual world, Viet also has an interest in lotuses. He has visited various lotus ponds to create hundreds of lotus paintings. Viet said the lotus flower also depicts the identity of Vietnam. “I want to reflect Hanoi through traditional art in a modern language,” added Viet.

In 2001, Dang Phuong Viet won Phillip Morris Award for his work ‘Le Cat Tien Duyen’ (Predestine Affinity Cutting Ritual) and in 2002 he was presented an award for young artist of the Asia – Pacific Art Association for the painting ‘Su Tro Ve’ (Return).

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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