Vietnam Art Books -- Northern ethnic minorities stage cultural festival (September 28, 2004)

Northern ethnic minorities stage cultural festival (September 28, 2004)

A cultural festival in the northern province of Cao Bang at the beginning of next month will display the traditions and values of the region's ethnic minority groups.

Under the theme Van Hoa Cac Dan Toc Huong Ve Coi Nguon (Ethnic Cultures at Their Origins), ethnic groups will join traditional music shows and fashion shows (displaying both traditional costumes and modern designs) into a culture-tourism fair.

Representatives from the various ethnic groups will also attend - including from north-western regions like Son La Province, Gia Lai Central Highland Province and Nghe An Province as well as from China's Guangxi Province.

This is the region's fourth cultural festival. The event is not only a chance for the different ethnic groups to meet and exchange experiences in preserving traditional cultural values, but also to co-ordinate improving the region's quality of life.

The festival is planned for October 2-6 to celebrate the 54th year of the liberation of Cao Bang from French invasion.

Reprinted from VietNamNet


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