Vietnam Art Books -- Water puppet, bronze age drum to be introduced in Austria (November 20, 2004)

Water puppet, bronze age drum to be introduced in Austria (November 20, 2004)

Vietnam's water puppet and the Dong Son drum, which dates back to the Bronze Age, about 1,500 years B.C., will be introduced at the Vienna Museum of Ethnology in Austria after the completion of the upgrade of the museum in 2007.

Dr Christian Schicklgruber, who is in charge of the museum's South and Southeast Asia and Hymalaya collections, said that to prepare for the exhibition, he plans to film puppet shows in theatres as well as outdoor village performances during his current visit to Vietnam.

The Austrian cultural activist was recently presented with Vietnam's Medal ‘For the Cause of Culture and Information’ in recognition of his contributions in promoting the Vietnamese culture.

Schicklgruber was one of the two organisers of the exhibitions entitled ‘Vietnam's Prehistoric and Contemporary Arts and Culture’ in Belgium and ‘Vietnam's Impression: Gods, Heroes and Ancestors’ in Austria.

The two exhibitions, which lasted from September 2003 to October 2004, helped introduce for the first time a large number of Vietnamese artefacts to European viewers.

Schicklgruber was in charge of supervising the hand-over of more than 350 artefacts that the Vienna Museum of Ethnology and the Belgian Royal Museum of Arts and History borrowed from 13 Vietnamese museums. It was also the first time the Vietnamese government permitted foreign museums to take rare artefacts out of the country. (VNA)

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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