Vietnam Art Books -- ‘Buffalo Boy’ wins highest prize at Amazonas international film festival (December 08, 2004)

‘Buffalo Boy’ wins highest prize at Amazonas international film festival (December 08, 2004)

A scene in the film.

‘Mua len trau’ (The Buffalo Boy), a film directed by overseas Vietnamese director Nguyen Vo Nghiem Minh, won the Special Prize (the highest prize) at the Amazonas International Film Festival held last weekend in Brazil. This is the fourth international prizes of the film.

Earlier, The Buffalo Boy, which is produced by Giai Phong (Liberation) Film Company, won a Special Award from the young jury at the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland, the Best New Director Prize at the Chicago Festival in the United States, and the Grand Prix Award at the Amiens International Film Festival in France.

The movie adapted from the Vietnamese short story ‘Huong Rung Ca Mau’ (Scent of the Ca Mau Forest) by writer Son Nam tells a powerful coming of age story using Vietnam’s southernmost rural waterlogged landscape as a setting and metaphor for the cycles of life.

The Amazonas international film festival is one of the traditional film festivals organised to raise the people’s awareness on environmental protection. Therefore, ‘The Buffalo Boy’ impressed the jury board and audience of Brazil.

The Amazonas film festival’s jury board head said that the film brought about thinking and that although it was the first film of director Nghiem Minh, its content was extremely profound.

The film director Nghiem Minh held that “The Buffalo Boy dominates at this film festival not only because it touches upon the environmental issue as nine other films competing at the festival have won high prizes at other film festivals. This is the film of high art value, bearing special messages. Therefore, when the film wins prize, I am proud because its rivals are very strong”.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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