Vietnam Art Books -- Artists pay homage to women in Vietnam (December 15, 2004)

Artists pay homage to women in Vietnam (December 15, 2004)

Five of HCM City's most renowned artists are celebrating women in a new exhibition entitled Hon Viet (Viet Soul).

Each of the exhibition's 26 oil paintings tackle the subject matter of women in various ways, but the underlying themes of admiration and romanticism are constant.

Women have been artist Nguyen Thanh Binh's subjects for years because he finds them "an unlimited source of inspiration." For Binh, his art "is like a young and beautiful girl who sees the world with pure eyes."

"By painting I can praise the world and its people, especially women and children, " says the 40-year-old artist.

His works, including Nu Sinh Voi Hoa Sen (Female Students with Lotus), Nu Sinh Voi Sac Do (Female Students in Red) and Co Giao Va Tre (Female Teacher and Children), picture a romantic world full of passion.

Photographer Nguyen Huy Hoan finds a palette of cold and light colours is the best way to show off his admiration of women.

"I work with love and enthusiasm for Vietnamese mothers and sisters, who are prepared to do anything to ensure their children's and husbands' happiness," says Hoan.

After graduating from the HCM City Fine Arts College, Hoan worked as a photographer for more than 10 years. "I turned my creative eye to painting because I wanted to explore new passions through a different medium," he said.

Hoan's painting, Bong Nguoi Phu Nu (Lady in Shadow), portrays his female subject in sombre greys and black that are somehow vivid and romantic.

In contrast to Hoan, artist Do Duy Tuan's pictures, featuring Hue women and landscapes, are cheerful and vibrant.

In collaboration, Hua Thanh Binh and Phung Quoc Tri have recreated Hanoi's old streets, traditional craft villages, and local women in historic costumes.

The five artists have held successful exhibitions around the world and have sold paintings to local and foreign collectors. The exhibition of their work runs until this Friday, at the Metropolitan, 235 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, HCM City.

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