Vietnam Art Books -- Dinh Gia Le (Januray 01, 2005)

Dinh Gia Le (Januray 01, 2005)

Dinh Gia Le graduated from the Ha Noi Fine Arts College in 1988 and spent five years studying at the German Arts Academy in Dresden before settling in Viet Nam. He spends most of his time perfecting his skill at sculpture. Since his first exhibition in 1998 in Ha Noi, Le has held several exhibitions in Viet Nam, Germany, the US, and Singapore. His current installation exhibition, "I And," is now being displayed at Líespace. Le is now working on his next show, to be held in France next year. Ngo Thuy Quynh spoke with him.

What inspired you to create an exhibition of installations?

An artist is able to play various roles in art. I think there should be a common noun for all people creating art or any form of entertainment: that is artist.

What I would like to bring to this exhibition is not simply cubes and objects to be observed from a distance, but a combination of space, sounds and objects to touch our human senses. The language of art is the very evolution of life - the interactions between human being, modern life and art.

What does the exhibition express?

It is me. All the silicon effigies displayed were forged in my cast.

The name of the exhibition is "I And..." The "and ..." implies a lot. It is things around me, that relate to and influence me. "And.." is also my desires, hopes and wishes.

It is life, it is a human being in space and time.

Are you going to pursue further installations?

I will be carrying on with such exhibitions but it does not mean I will give up my career as a sculptor. Sculpture is my lifeline.

The exhibition is a result of my creativeness and inspired by my emotions. All the bodies displayed in the exhibition breathe using a fake respiratory system. They thrill viewers with emotion. It creates a different mood from when you see inanimate sculptures.

Many people believe that to be successful, an artist should be eccentric and create bizarre and unusual works, especially in this age of modern art. Do you feel this is true for you?

Letís think about the five billion human beings on this world. Each one has their own taste of what is great art.

Some would like to see inanimate sculptures or paintings, and others are touched by different things. Art is speechless.

You like to live in a high rise concrete building but I prefer a stilt house. It is individual aesthetic taste.

Look at the set-up and the men displayed in the exhibition. It is all for me first.

I do think that some viewers will discover themselves in those men. It is a feeling- the mystery blessed by art.

Were you influenced by anyone?

When I was little I liked sculptures by the well-known Vietnamese artist Diem Phung Thi, as well as Jacometi and Francosi. I wanted to learn from them and follow in their footsteps.

Now I like them in different ways. It is time for me not to follow anymore, but to seek my own creativeness.

How long did it take you to open the exhibition?

It took me six months. I hired nine people to work everyday for six months.

I would like to bring to the exhibition a vitality with music, breath and feeling. I used silicon materials and a steam system to make bodies, and I invited musician Minh Thanh to take care of the sounds to make the exhibition a lively picture of real life.

I hope that viewers of the exhibition will be able to find peace and their own life in this miniature world. ó VNS

Reprinted with permission from Vietnam News Agency


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