Vietnam Art Books -- Exhibition on Thang Long - Hanoi culture opens (Januray 27, 2005)

Exhibition on Thang Long - Hanoi culture opens (Januray 27, 2005)

An exhibition on "Thang Long - Hanoi Culture" was opened in Hanoi on January 16 by the Steering Board for the millennium anniversary of Thang Long - Hanoi and the Hanoi Library.

The exhibition is an opportunity for viewers and those who love Hanoi to learn more from the valuable book treasure of Thang Long-Ha Noi.

It is also calling upon people nationwide, overseas Vietnamese and international friends, organisations and agencies to contribute to the completion of the collection of Thang Long - Hanoi bibliography for the millennium anniversary.

Thang Long - Hanoi bibliography is an important part of the cultural heritage of Hanoi and the country.

An initial survey of 43 information agencies, libraries and archives, museums at home and abroad has helped collect about 6,300 lists and 2,632 documents about Thang Long - Hanoi. The valuable collection, including many ancient books, maps, and calligraphy, is on display.

Part of the exhibition includes documents in Vietnamese introducing Thang Long - Hanoi's resistance wars against foreign aggression, famous persons, crafts, customs, and traditional festivals.

In addition, a large number of Han-Nom bibliographies and books published in Hanoi before 1945 are on show.

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