Vietnam Art Books -- Giant calligraphy for lunar New Year (February 02, 2005)

Giant calligraphy for lunar New Year (February 02, 2005)

The giant cau doi.
VietNamNet – A Cau doi, or “sentence pair”, measuring a record 8x15m were completed on January 27 to mark the lunar New Year (Tet) at Hanoi’s ancient Van Mieu University.

The cau doi includes 22 words and was written by Professor Doctor Vu Khieu and painted by calligrapher Pham Van Bach, 84, in the Nom script. Each word measures nearly 1sq.m.

In this Chinese art form, each of the two sentences or lines corresponds with the other in meaning and tone pattern. The cau doi is a highly specialised form of poetry usually used to convey good wishes for Tet.

To write the huge characters, Mr Bach practiced for half a month with a pen nearly 1m long. He has researched calligraphy for more than 50 years and is one of Vietnam’s leading calligraphers.

“This is the first time I have written such big cau doi. I’m proud and happy [to do so]. I hope my work will bring joy to the public during Tet,” Mr Bach said.

A ceremony to open the giant sentence pair to public display will take place this evening at the Giang Vo Exhibition Centre in Hanoi.

It will be exhibited at the centre till February 14.

Reprinted from VietNamNet


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