Vietnam Art Books -- Body of Vietnamese great poet sculptured (February 25, 2005)

Body of Vietnamese great poet sculptured (February 25, 2005)

Poet Huy Can.
Renowned Vietnamese poet Huy Can has become the first celebrity in the country to have his body sculptured posthumous.

On Wednesday, artist Dinh Gia Le finished creating the body sculpture mold of Can, who died at 86 on Saturday evening in Hanoi.

Le said he wanted to create the sculpture to show his respects to the poet.

After getting permission from Canís family, Le worked with the poetís body in a charnel house at Huu Nghi Viet Xo Hospital. The sculptor laid a seven centimeter-thick silicon layer on Canís body for eight hours before being able to take away a human-sized mold of the body. Canís body was then brought back to an ice house.

Le said he would ask the poetís family to choose a material to form Canís sculpture.

Previously, Le had his own body sculpted using a silicon-made mold. He then put on an exhibition last December featuring self-made sculptures of his body in different positions.

Reprinted from THANHNIEN News

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