Vietnam Art Books -- Hanoi in Nghiem Xuan Quang's paintings (March 03, 2005)

Hanoi in Nghiem Xuan Quang's paintings (March 03, 2005)

Nghiem Xuan Quang paintings.
Lotus from Tay Ho.
Hanoi's suburban area No.4.
An old street in Hanoi.
Hanoi in spring - Past and Present.
His whole life attached to the present-day Hanoi Capital and the old capital of Thang Long of millennial culture has formed a breeding ground and source of inspiration for painter Nghiem Xuan Quang to produce works of art that are deeply imbued with immense love and emotional ties for Hanoi. The painter has nurtured a keen love for Hanoi. This profound love is now expressed in abundance in each of his paintings, with its beauty of yesterday and today and its daily changes for the better.

In his lucid style for the plastic art, the images are precise, emotive and attractive to the viewers. The subject-matter of the works are found to be diverse, with some tint of nostalgia, depicting the life of Hanoi people with distinct cultural identity: delicacy, poignancy, and gracefulness with a hidden elegance...

From inspiration for creation to artistic conviction, Nghiem Xuan Quang has taken full advantage of the quintessence of the art of traditional engravings with typical description: carving on engraved lacquer, against engraving on such other materials as wood, plaster bring into full play the lines of details, typical of his personal art and style, i.e. simple in contents, intelligible in form, rich in both traditional and modern qualities. Hanoi in the paintings by Nghiem Xuan Quang is quite capable of holding "dialogue" with the art-lovers.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Hanoi's liberation (October 10, 1954 - October 10, 2004), Vietnam Pictorial has the honour to present the readers with a few typical paintings by painter Nghiem Xuan Quang.

Reprinted with permission from Vietnam News Agency


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