Vietnam Art Books -- World’s sculptors to join Vietnam workshop (March 09, 2005)

World’s sculptors to join Vietnam workshop (March 09, 2005)

Sculptors from around the world are to take part in a sculpture workshop with local artists next week in the Northern province of Phu Tho to honor the ancestral king of Vietnam.

Many renowned domestic artists and 30 international sculptors from the US, Cuba, Sweden, Belgium and Netherlands are set to take part in the workshop, to be held March 12-17, according to organizers,

The workshop is part of the annual Hung Temple Festival dedicated to the worship of the Hung Kings, who was believed to be the founder of the nation in Nghia Linh Mountain, Hy Lang Commune, Phong Chau District, Phu Tho Province.

Based on ancient Vietnamese historical events and legends, artists would use marble stone as the medium to create sculptures and then exhibit their works at Van Lang Park in Viet Tri city.

Reprinted from THANHNIENNews


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