Vietnam Art Books -- Photos on cascadeur on display in HCM City (April 05, 2005)

Photos on cascadeur on display in HCM City (April 05, 2005)

Cascadeur in the film 'Distant Love Story', a photo shot by Dac Long.
One hundred and fifty photos at the exhibition ‘Artists and Studio’ of Lu Dac Long, deputy head of the Cascadeur Club of Ho Chi Minh City Cinematography Association which opened on March 22 at the headquarters of Ho Chi Minh City Journalists’ Association not only shoot dangerous and beautiful moments of actors and actresses.

Two thirds of the photos on show feature cascadeur. Dac Long said “Like other photo reporters, one of the difficulties in the job for a photographer is the ability to shoot moments of artists when they live with their characters. Moreover, I have to choose the right place to demonstrate to avoid danger in case there are scenes using explosives in the films.”

These photos are not only used for demonstrations in their articles but also considered as “the other aspect of the films,” as these are used effectively for the poster of the films, said Dac Long.

Born in 1966 in Tien Giang, Lu Dac Long has worked as photographer and also acted as cascadeur for around 100 films since 1988. His exhibition, apart from helping introduce viewers beautiful moments of cinematography, also aims to raise fund for poor students in heroic Phuoc Vinh Dong commune, Can Giuoc district, Long An province.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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