Vietnam Art Books -- Four young artists’ exhibition on women (June 04, 2005)

Four young artists’ exhibition on women (June 04, 2005)

Second line, from left: Artists Tran Cuong, Duc Trung, Huu Tam and Ngoc Quan.
Four young artists Ha Huu Tam, Nguyen Tran Cuong, Nguyen Ngoc Quan and Vu Duc Trung are joining in their first painting exhibition with perennial theme of women.

Their paintings are on display at 16 Ngo Quyen Street from May 30 until June 12.

‘Four’ is the name of the exhibit of four guys who studied together at the Hanoi Industrial Fine Arts University two years ago.

Ha Huu Tam have impressed the viewers with his four panels named ‘Ham Choi’ (Indulging in Playing). Huu Tam, who was born in 1978 and graduated from the interior decoration department, depicts motifs of women’s bodies like decorations with light colours, expressing optimism and love for life.

Seven panels with the names ‘Postcards for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday until Sunday of Nguyen Ngoc Quan has brought a fresh style to visitors. Having graduated from the fashion design department, Quan’s paintings seem to be an abstract fashion design. Quan, born in 1980, won a prize at the Nokia- A Look at the World in 2001.

Postcard of Thusday, by Nguyen Ngoc Quan. Lacquer painting by Nguyen Tran Cuong.

Nguyen Tran Cuong, born in 1979 and Vu Duc Trung, born in 1981, studied together at the lacquer department.

Trung’s lacquer paintings bring a feeling of mystery and hide a strong internal life. Trung’s paintings show both the opposition and harmony of silence and movement. Trung said he was influenced by folk sculpture, particularly sculpture on communal house.

Nguyen Tran Cuong, after winning a prize at the Vietnam – ASEAN 2003 Fine Arts Competition, continues to assert himself in his own style. His paintings depict human beings in modern life where everything passes so quickly and of course, his concept on women.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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