Vietnam Art Books -- Vietnamís museums in need of innovation (June 09, 2005)

Vietnamís museums in need of innovation (June 09, 2005)

Lack of variety and creativity leaves museum displays in Vietnamís museums unappealing to domestic and foreign tourists, according to a museum expert.

Monotony and lack of inventiveness are responsible for touristsí disinterest in museums, part of Vietnamís most important cultural sites, said Dr. Nguyen Van Huy, Director of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, the most state-of-the-art and successful museum model nationwide, in an interview.

This problem has its root mainly in the disorganized planning of museum directors and curators, resulting in many costly but ineffective displays, Dr. Huy said.

So few groups specializing in museum display design also leads to a monopoly, depriving this field of competitiveness and thus variations, he added.

Changes should start with museum directorsí thinking, and initiative. ďEveryone recognizes our museumsí weaknesses, yet whether we are willing to make changes makes the differenceĒ, Dr. Huy continued.

Museum directors should put more vivid presentations including holding talks with the real people involved in the events, and visual aids, among other things.

Managerial intervention from local departments of Culture and Information too distant from reality of the audience and museum also results in lack of professionalism in museum quality.

More seminars about the current state of Vietnamís museums should be held with the attendance of provincial authorities, to make them aware that our museums are in need of innovations and approve of them, he concluded.

Reprinted from THANHNIEN News


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