Vietnam Art Books -- Art book portrays Viet Kieu artists (June 21, 2005)

Art book portrays Viet Kieu artists (June 21, 2005)

At over 400 pages, Vietnam Modern Fine Arts, a book compiled by the Hanoi University of Fine Arts will unveil local art history to the public late this week.

”There are many modern fine arts books available on the market. However, it is really unfair that not many Vietnamese overseas artists are listed,” said the critic Pham Trung, one of the book’s editors.

The book will fill this gap with a special chapter on Vietnamese artists abroad, especially Indochina artists whose works are displayed around the world.

In one chapter, the work of artists Le Pho, Mai Trung, Le Thi Luu, Vu Cao Dam, Pham Tang, Le Ba Dang, Diem Phung Thi, all graduates of the Indo-China College of Fine Arts will be covered.

The book divides Vietnamese art into three generations. The first generation are graduates of the Indochina College of Fine Art. The artists went abroad in the 1950s, so their style still bears traditional rendering of Vietnam.

The second generation are those that left Vietnam after 1975, whose work is more affected by modern fine art trends.

The third generation includes young artists living abroad since childhood and those born abroad after 1975, many of whom have journeyed back to the country and have ”a sense of a younger generation”.

However, the number of artists in the second and third generation is small. Researcher Bui Nhu Huong explained that some artists belonging these generations such as Dinh Cuong, Mai Chung, Hoa Thanh Duc were already mentioned in the chapter on Fine Art in the South of Vietnam before and after 1975.

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