Vietnam Art Books -- Museum celebrates local artists (August 13, 2005)

Museum celebrates local artists (August 13, 2005)

Hello kitty: Crayon drawing Huong Sen (Lotus Fragrance) by Nguyen Vu is displayed at the exhibition. — File Photo
HCM CITY — In an exhibition unprecedented for its size, HCM City’s Fine Arts Museum on Wednesday opened a display of paintings and sculptures that local artists created last year.

Over 280 paintings and sculptures by 170 artists have filled the bi-level museum at 97A Pho Duc Chinh Street, District 1, prompting Dao Minh Tri, president of the HCM City Fine Arts Association, to praise "the richness and diversity of contemporary Vietnamese art."

The show includes works by well-known artists such as Nguyen Quan, Ho Huu Thu and Mai Anh Dung.

Dung’s oil paintings in particular, have attracted the attention of many attendees. The 35-year-old artist specialises in depicting Viet Nam’s ethnic minorities.

Images of Vietnamese landscapes, children and women clad in traditional clothing are romantically portrayed in many lacquer works including Musical Instruments by Ho Huu Thu and Rivers by Nguyen Trong Tuong.

Stone, bronze and metal works also occupy an impressive amount of space in the exhibition rooms. Notable are Le Trieu Dien’s groups of ceramic sculptures portraying the simplicity of life in the country’s rural areas.

Several paintings in the exhibit are large-scale works, such as a 200cm by 300cm gouache painting entitled Tay Nguyen Hung Vi (Mighty Central Highlands) by Le Xuan Chieu.

The exhibition will run through August 20. — VNS


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