Vietnam Art Books -- Pham Huynh, a passionate photographer
By Nguyen Tat Han

Pham Huynh, a passionate photographer
By Nguyen Tat Han

'Early Sunshine in Mountainous Area.'
Photographer Pham Huynh has won a gold of the FIAP (the International Federation of Photographic Art) with his photo named 'Nang Som Vung Cao' (Early Sunshine in Mountainous Area) and a FIAP bronze with 'Sac Mau Bazan' (The Colour of Basalt) at the International Photographic Art Contest held in Vietnam late July.

Pham Huynh now is reporter of the Dak Lak newspaper and member of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Art. Pham Huynh is his pen name. His real name is Pham Dinh Hien. During the anti-resistance war, Hien painted panel posters and designed printed materials for dissemination. After the country's reunification, he has worked as a reporter for the Dak Lak newspaper. Due to the busy work at that time, he only took photos when he was free. He was criticised many times for his 'ugly' photos of current affairs by his editor-in-chief. After that, he was determined to study the technique of the art and until now, he has succeeded.

He has been passionately involved in photography for more than 20 years but he only began on art photography in the last several years. Still, he said "that is not late for the career and for my age of 50". In recent years, he has had chances to go to every corner of the country and has taken thousands of photos on the land and people of Vietnam. 'Early Sunshine in Mountainous Area' was taken during his tour to Ha Giang northern mountainous province held by the Dak Lak Art and Literature Association in late Autumn last year.

His passion for the art of photography has helped him earn a wide acclamation with 'Early Sunshine in Mountainous Area' taken in Ha Giang and 'The Colour of Basalt' in Dak Lak.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper.


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