Vietnam Art Books -- “Surface” photo exhibition to kick off in Hanoi (October 26, 2006)

“Surface” photo exhibition to kick off in Hanoi (October 26, 2006)

VietNamNet Bridge – “Surface” is the theme of the photo exhibition to be held at the French Cultural Centre L’Espace in Hanoi. The photos were taken by the French Vietnamese artist Liza Nguyen.

All the names such as Dien Bien Phu, DMZ, My Lai, Khe Sanh, Hue, Cu Chi, Saigon are in the memories of many Vietnamese people, but they have also drawn “dark lines” in the country’s history.

Soil is arranged to look like human faces. More than that, the faces represent witnesses of the wars that Vietnamese people have been through.

Nowadays these places have become places where the sorrowful past is recalled. Realising the traces these places, things carry with them, Nguyen tried to catch “the soul” of these war witnesses and to display them in her photos.

Photos exhibited this time have been introduced in many places around the world including the Chicago Contemporary Photograph Museum, New York Museum (America), Arles, Paris (France, Lulea (Sweden), Canada. They were recently brought here to give Hanoi audiences a chance to admire them as part of Photography Month.

They have brought the talented photographer the Photograph Prize awarded by the French National Fund of Contemporary Art as well as the great award of the Contemporary Art Festival held every two years in Lulea City, Sweden.

Liza Nguyen pursued her study of photography at the Louis Lumieres School of Photography and Graphic Art of Sorbonne Paris University. She was also trained at Dusseldorf Fine Art Institution.

The exhibition will be open from November 3 to 9.

Reprinted from VietNamNet


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