Vietnam Art Books -- Ho Chi Minh Prize winnersí works exhibited

Ho Chi Minh Prize winnersí works exhibited

The Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, in co-ordination with the Ministry of Culture and Information, opened an exhibition of paintings and sculptures on August 14 by the 10 artists who were presented the Ho Chi Minh Prize on literature and art in 2000.

They are painters Nguyen Tien Chung, Hoang Tich Chu, Huynh Van Gam, Nguyen Khang, Duong Bich Lien, Le Quoc Loc, Nguyen Si Ngoc and Nguyen Van Ty and sculptors Nguyen Hai and Nguyen Thi Kim.

The artists have made great contributions to revolutionary art and the training of generations of young artists.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper.


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