Vietnam Art Books -- The current development of culture (October 26, 2006)

The current development of culture (October 26, 2006)

Vietnam is a civilised country which has a great tangible and intangible cultural treasure in different areas, helping to encourage the Vietnamese people to move ahead. The specially important task of the cultural work is to foster patriotism and optimism, and continue to make vigorous investment in preserving and promoting the values of the country’s priceless culture, arts, language, good morals and customs.

Building a cultural life has always required serious attention and high inheritance, however each period has specific issues to be dealt with. Vietnam is striving to become an industrial country and boosting international integration, therefore the cultural work is supposed to be focusing on building a healthy cultural life in all areas, creating works of great value and constructing large cultural projects typical for the period of national industrialisation and modernisation.

By inheriting and developing the previous viewpoints on cultural development, the resolution of the tenth National Party Congress affirms that “Stepping up the implementation of cultural development task, which has been defined in the ten-year socio-economic development strategy in the 2001-2010 period, is to make culture available in every residential area, family and citizen, to perfect the new value of the Vietnamese, inherit the nation’s traditional values and acquire the mankind’s cultural quintessence and at the same time raising the fighting ability against depraved and harmful activities.

It is necessary to expand the cultural characteristics in economic, political and social activities and in people’s daily life; foster cultural talents, encourage the creation of cultural works of high values in ideology and art in correspondence with national reform and defence; improving the quality and popularising cultural products to meet the needs of people of all strata.”

Culture needs to be considered as a spiritual foundation, the target and motive force of the society, therefore cultural development is the cause of the people in which intellects play an important role. In addition, patience and carefulness are vital in this work.

Culture is the motive force for social development, but it works only when real and basic values are to be achieved.

The cause of cultural development is believed to see great achievements in all fields when each locality really depends on the Party’s guidelines and promote the strength of the entire people, especially intellects.

A success in cultural development means that Vietnam fulfils training new Vietnamese people, thus contributing to the implementation of the target of “a prosperous people, a strong country and an equitable, democratic and civilised society.”

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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