Vietnam Art Books -- Fine Arts College students win Italian embassy art competition (October 26, 2006)

Fine Arts College students win Italian embassy art competition (October 26, 2006)

VietNamNet Bridge Two students from the Ha Noi Fine Arts College, Nguyen Phuong Linh and Vu Anh, won the Viet-it Contemporary Art Competition last Saturday.

Both the two winners will receive fellowships to study art in Italy for a year.

Launched in early October, the contest wrapped up last week to coincide with the Italian Culture Week in Hanoi organised by the Embassy of Italy.

The art contest featured artists' responses to a verse from the Italian poet Pier Paolo Pasolini: "The soul is inside you, it is you, yet you/ Are my mother and your love is my slavery."

Artists responded to the theme with in visual media and installations as well as with performance art.

About 40 young Vietnamese artists competed. Nineteen artists presented their performances and artworks last Saturday, and the 10 best works have been shown at the Viet Art Centre at the Ha Noi Fine Arts College.

"I was very surprised with the quality of their creations. Although both installation and performance art are considered new art forms in Vietnam, not yet widely known, most of the artists completed their works very well. There is something different," said contest director Caterina Desiato.

Linh's winning work, a bikini covered in rough thorns, gave the artist an allergic attack due to a chemical compound she used in creating it, so she named it Allergy. The work, she said, expressed the inner desire of femininity.

Anh's creation, Giua Su Ra Di va Tro Ve (Between Departure and Return) was more complex, using red threads to express the links, both visible and invisible, connecting mother and child.

"Anh understands very well the idea as well as the way to present his installation. Although he used strong material (metal), it seemed softer in the context. The content and expression fit together perfectly. It is extremely good, which is why the jury board agreed to select him as a winner," Desiato said.

The final exhibition also includes creations by Vietnamese and Italian artists including Nguyen Thu, Van Thuyet, Doan Minh Hoan, Vu Dan Tan and Marco Felicioni.

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