Vietnam Art Books -- Ha Noi artistís pastoral works breathe fresh life into City art (October 26, 2006)

Ha Noi artistís pastoral works breathe fresh life into City art (October 26, 2006)

Mellow yellow: The painting Duong Lam Village is the result of Nguyen Ba Tuanís love for this ancient part of Viet Nam. File Photo
A Ha Noi artist evokes the idyllic images and clean air of the countryside through his paintings which are on display in HCM City.

Rivers, bamboo plants, fishing villages, and small houses lit up by a setting sun are the main themes of The Colour of Viet Nam, a collection of 27 oil paintings by young artist Nguyen Ba Tuan on show at the Lotus Gallery.

Despite his urban background, Tuan manages to capture the peace and tranquility of rural life.

He has used a palette knife and hairbrush to paint this world Ė a world where people live without worries or ambitions. This world is full of orange, yellow and grey Ė which first evokes a feeling of loneliness before magically turning into warmth.

One of Tuanís favourites is called Lang Duong Lam (Duong Lam Village), featuring a farmer and his buffalo. It is the result of his love for Duong Lam Village, one of the countryís oldest.

Despite being just yellow and grey, the painting is impressive. "I wanted to create a dreamland," says Tuan, a graduate in fine arts from Ha Noiís Drama and Cinematography College.

Some of the other highlights include Lang Chai (Fishing Village), Hoang Hon (Sunset), Thon Nu (Rural Girl), and Chieu Tren Song (The Evening on River), all of them vivid reflections of Vietnamese culture and lifestyle.

Tuan, 32, who was born in Ha Nam Province, has also exhibited his works in Hungary and Poland. His first solo show in Ha Noi in 2004, titled Thuong Nho Dong Que (Pining for the Pastoral Scenery), was a big hit.

The exhibition at the Lotus Gallery at 43 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, runs through next Monday. ó VNS

Reprinted with permission from Vietnam News Agency


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