Vietnam Art Books -- New Vietnamese art exhibition kicks off (November 03, 2006)

New Vietnamese art exhibition kicks off (November 03, 2006)

VietNamNet Bridge A new exhibition featuring the latest works from four of HCMC's contemporary artists opened to the public on Wednesday.

The exhibition is being jointly held between Le Trieu Dien, Hong Linh, Ki-Em, and MPK photographer to capture an artist's view of the emotions and attitudes toward life, utilizing photogenics and aesthetes, in combination with a random but harmonious mix of every day life experiences.

Le Trieu Dien will be unveiling several of his latest paintings and installations that depict the landscape, since Dien chiefly takes his inspiration and creativity from Mother Nature and the world around him.

Dien is also an expert with clay and so uses the pliable material extensively throughout his sculptures to display numerous thought provoking images.

Meanwhile, the exceptionally gifted artist Hong Linh draws her inspiration from words and so paints in a linear, almost callip graphic fashion.

Her works include composites between words and poems, from which visitors can interpret her self-confidence and provoking thoughts on life.

Linh explained that her work was a complex creation that endeavored to simplify the torturous nuances an interpolation between the eclectic mixture between words, impressions, feelings and imprints breaths and moments that together combine within a whole.

Ki-em creations are however altogether far more serious and complicated, since they require the viewer to contemplate her strange creations.

From a basic starting reference point of Leonard de Vinci's "Monalisa Smile', the genius has reworked the surrounding aura via a mixture of subtle emanations and premonitory symptoms in epilepsy, greatly influenced by world famous artists to re-creates the painting with different color schemes.

Her unique works bring a wholly different angle and mood to the original for the viewers delight.

Unlike the three above mentioned artists, the MPK photographer is much more staid but with a perhaps vulgar, even populist yet avant-guarde approach to reinterpreting the unconventional neo-classical views of the world of insects, by capturing short moment images of the creepy-crawlies. To the viewers incredulity the insect world will never be the same again.

All of the artists have already previously jointly displayed their work at exhibitions, most recently in 2003 when they combined to organize an exhibition called "Between Land and Water", also in HCMC.

The show is being held at the HCMC Fine Arts Museum at 97A Pho Duc Chinh Street, District 1, and will end on November 14.

Reprinted from VietNamNet


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