Vietnam Art Books -- Overseas Vietnamese painter opens gallery in Hanoi (November 21, 2006)

Overseas Vietnamese painter opens gallery in Hanoi (November 21, 2006)

The memoirs of ancient Hanoi by Van Duong Thanh.
VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese Swedish artist Duong Van Thanh has opened her own gallery in Hanoi.

Each year, Duong Van Thanh returns to Vietnam two times, and to have more time for painting in Vietnam she has inaugurated her own gallery in Hanoi.

The gallery exhibits 45 lacquer, oil and silk paintings, ranging from 50x40 to 250x150cm in sizes on the rural life in Vietnam, ancient streets in Hanoi, Swedish architecture and some portraits.

Attending the inauguration ceremony of the gallery were many Vietnamese and Swedish artists, cultural experts, diplomats and foreign friends.

“We are very honoured to attend the inauguration ceremony of the gallery of Van Duong Thanh. Her art, with its strong creativeness, traditional and individual characters, has contributed to bringing Vietnamese art and culture to the world. Van Duong Thanh is really an ambassador of culture of Vietnam in the past years,” said Nguyen Phu Binh, Deputy Foreign Minister, at the ceremony.

Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Rolf Bergman said: “Vietnam and Sweden are far from each other in terms of geography but they are very close in hearts. The paintings of Van Duong Thanh have reflected the culture of the two countries in harmony. I see the images and landscapes of Vietnam in lacquer paintings and the familiar images of Swedish nature in her artworks”.

The inauguration ceremony also saw the attendance of an American architect, Lisa Suprenan, who has collected Van Duong Thanh’s paintings for years as well as written many articles about her art.

“The art of Van Duong Thanh is the whole-hearted research, tireless creativeness, the voice and the movement of the hearts of people from different countries. Each work of Van Duong Thanh is a world of reality and salvation, which enrich the world and our souls,” she said.

Reprinted from VietNamNet


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