Vietnam Art Books -- Youths roll out 3D art show on history of Hanoi (February 03, 2007)

Youths roll out 3D art show on history of Hanoi (February 03, 2007)

A group of Hanoian architects and students debuted a unique three-dimensional (3D) art gallery, graphically depicting the ancient traits of the historic Vietnamese capital.

The exhibition was showcased at the Hanoi-based Align-3D cafeteria.

Organized by a group of young people in pursuit of 3D art, the display featured 40 of the 3D works, created to shed light on Hanoian landscapes dating back from the mid-19 to the mid-20 centuries.

A group member said it had taken them a year to learn about Hanoiís history before debuting the display.

They also unveiled plans to hold other exhibitions showcasing churches built by French colonies and other Hanoi streets of ancient significance.

The Align-3D cafeteria on 18 Cha Ca Street is also home to other 3D aficionados, showcasing their work and holding exchanges with peers.

Reprinted from THANHNIEN News


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