Vietnam Art Books -- Wealthy parents send kids abroad for arts education

Wealthy parents send kids abroad for arts education

HCM CITY— More and more students are attending foreign universities to study music, dance, drama, fashion design, public relations and advertising, according to an overseas study consulting service in HCM City.

An official from the Viet Nam Hop Diem Overseas Study Consulting Centre in District 1 explained that foreign and domestic businesses would require increasing numbers of employees qualified in public relations and advertising.

However, the number of talented young people in these sectors is still low.

Wealthy parents are also encouraging their children to study art and design abroad, as these fields are under developed in Viet Nam.

As local universities still lack both the resources and facilities to teach arts, parents are turning to the quality education systems of developed countries such as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Phan Van Nghia decided to send his son to study advertising at a prestigious New Zealand university after a seminar in HCM City.

"I chose the advertising course at Auckland University for my son because of its high quality of education and its modern facilities," he said, adding that he hopes the youngster will receive the best training for his future career.

He believes his son will have a better chance of finding a good job in a foreign advertising company in Viet Nam with an overseas degree.

During recent months the Hop Diem centre has worked with foreign partners such as Singapore’s Lasalle-Sia College and Malaysia’s Taylor’s College to organise seminars on studying performing and visual arts abroad. They have received an enthusiastic response from hundreds of local parents and students.

The seminars provide the latest information on studying, and advise parents on the best learning institutions for their children.

The fees for studying and living in Asian countries like Singapore range from US$7,000 to $9,000 a year, depending on what school and subject the student chooses. This does not include airline tickets and fees for processing documents such as visas, passports and credit cards.

Many parents hope that, after studying in developed Asian countries, their children will earn higher degrees in Australia or the US. With this system children have more time to practice their English and get used to living abroad without their family before moving to a Western country.

University fees in Asian countries such as Singapore and Japan are cheaper than those in western countries.

"My daughter is studying journalism at the University of South Australia after her three-year course at a prestigious college in Singapore. Thanks to the college’s teachers, she had enough experience and skills to continue her studies," said one parent.

With an increasing number of parents preferring their children to obtain internationally recognised degrees, overseas study services are now an established business in Viet Nam.

About 10,000 Vietnamese students have studied abroad with 70 per cent earning university degrees.

Reprinted with permission from VietNam News Agency.


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