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HaNoi workshop attracts international painters

HaNoi workshop attracts international painters

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HaNoi, Vietnam, Nov. 15, 2001 - An international workshop attracted 15 well known artists, including Rodney Dickson from the USA and Lada Vdovina of Russia, to HaNoi last November. For two weeks the artists gathered to create oil paintings under the theme of 'Peace - Friendship - Homeland."
Participation included seven of Vietnam's leading painters, as well as representatives from across Asia. Organized by the Vietnam Contemporary Fine Art Centre, the International painting workshop 2001 proved a combination of cultural exchange and artistic awareness. For visiting artists it proved a rare view into the vibrant and eclectic Vietnamese art scene.
The artists spent more than two weeks together, not just painting, but immersing themselves in the Vietnamese culture. There were many meetings among themselves and Vietnamese artists and students.
The Workshop was held at the Contemporary Fine Arts Centre in the heart of HaNoi. The 16,000 square feet complex includes an exhibition hall, a gallery, two studios, a computer graphic design room, a library and four guestrooms to accommodate visiting artists.
Managed by the Vietnam Fine Art Association, under the direction of painter Do Thi Ninh, the Centre's mandate is to organize fine arts research and creation activities. It has created a successful environment for promoting artistic activities and improving Viet Nam Fine Arts.
The activities of the Center are based on funding from the Vietnam Government, the Ford Foundation and its own income generating activities.

List of Participating Artists:

From VietNam:

Do Thi Ninh HaNoi
Do Huy Tuan HCMC
Hua Thanh Binh HCMC
Xuan Hoa HaNoi
Tran Luong HaNoi
Nguyen Thi Du Du DaNang
Le Quang Ha HaNoi

Visiting Artists:

Xing Jun Qin China
Lada Vdovina Russia
Ng Bee Malaysia
Pakamas Suwanipa Thailand
Benjamin Puan Kia Teng Singapore
Ernesto "Aris" Bagtas Philippine
Mick Saylom Lao
Rodney Dickson USA

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