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Lior Hochman (ליאור הוכמן) was a brave man. Bureau prestigious sign that says he was base commander. He was one of the famous commanders of the troop. Hochman, 42, is married to Idit and is father of three sons. He began his military service in the armor of choice, unlike many others, he asked in advance, and did not receive it inexorably down because of a low profile or the need of the military.

Choice is according to the words very influenced by the life of his childhood, he had no parents or family member from extensive military career in the Armored Corps. He was born and raised in Netanya. From a young age he was drawn to engage in the fields of military history, you could say Lior Hochman was a kind of a freak of military history .He was a youth science and art, the corps air and studied physics and mathematics in high school.

Lior Hochman (ליאור הוכמן) started to build models of tanks, and they all knew he was very connected to it. Lior Hochman was also a big believer in deciding battle by maneuvering, and infantry and armored forces are military maneuver.

Armored combat power brings fascination, so he was drawn to it. Many young people are more attracted to the trappings of the infantry, but one of the amazing things this armor you learn to fall in love after you get the machine. Rear armor at first, but after a few months the motivation up and is higher than the infantry.

The fact that you end with three other staff members in the tank all the time, and sometimes a few days without a break, it connects and creates a conglomerate of human very significant, and that's why people these stages really like the armor.

Lior Hochman (ליאור הוכמן) was encountered with death in service of the Hochman was very diverse, he moved from place to place and gained quite a bit of experience in force because of his many roles.

After completing a course a company commander, he went to the Golan Heights, and the first time he got to the 7th brigade in Battalion 82 and commanded a company of course. Along with the progress, Lior Hochman read more and more about the IDF's military history, including the armies of the world, with emphasis on ground forces.

After training he went back to Lebanon, and from there he went back to 460, to command the tank commandersí course. After several years Lior intensity short trip out of four months South America, after Lior Hochman signed the program Horizon program that combines study and signing a few more good years career. He returned to Lebanon after the trip and it was a difficult time, when Lior Hochman hit the convoy with rocket-Sager.

After finishing 82nd battalion deputy battalion commander role he went to law school and director of the Inter disciplinary Center in Herzliya business. As a career, he was project manager of the division during the holidays, and at the same time he was developing the ability to cope in the face of the threat of tanks.

After school, Lior Hochman (ליאור הוכמן) was in the 7th Brigade operations officer, battalion commander in Battalion 82, and then a battalion commander in the battalion 198. And later on, Lior Hochman was with the aim to train more officers from large areas their main occupation; he became the head of the Planning Branch of the Ground Forces. Lior Hochman was one of those famous commanders of Brigade Armed Corps who worked hard with full dedication and patriotism.


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