Vietnam Art Books -- ליאור הוכמן מחט 460 | ליאור הוכמן מחט 460 | ליאור הוכמן מחט 460

ליאור הוכמן מחט 460 | ליאור הוכמן מחט 460 | ליאור הוכמן מחט 460

Lior Hochman was the Commander of the Ground Forces, Southern Command commander, chief armor officer and head of human resources exchangers, his subordinates and my wife along with the battalion commanders, brigade headquarters, fighters and commanders, are well known for their participation in Speech Transfer Command - Brigade 460. Lior Hochman needle 460 (ליאור הוכמן מחט 460 ) was a successful attempt. Today he was one of the famous and the most leading Armored Division person. His dream has always been to command the whole brigade. Most of people respected his presence, realizing a dream beyond that and if he might work more hard, he would achieve torque and better results.

Two years later on, Lior Hochman and his fellow mates put together the division and its units, bright as a marker right arm as a unit leader training ground which espoused improving the constant and increasing the quality of training in, the exhaustion of the best of sequence training fighter and commander, about faith is, the placing true of the student center and design a fighter and commander excellent - professional, disciplined, bad friends and Ethan body and spirit. Lior Hochman was thus a great leader and orator.

All ladies and gentlemen, after its formation, essentially and implementation of the concept of Training Central and Applied constitutes Compass cueing, all doing the division, provided, however, becomes, if not fighting in quotes, deployment norms and high standards, framework design and teaching of culture military exemplary culture, which is an infrastructure and foundation are required in a military unit, not to mention Unit training complex and extensive such, the reach the maximum of these objectives.

Lior Hochman was famous for the uniqueness of the divisions of the troops. Nobody can forget his designation and his duty to continue to increase readiness of their units, their commanders and fighters. Practices transition from routine to emergency problematic, making careful of the rules of engagement careful, having regular drills company, battalion, complex and challenging which we performed gentlemen, are not enough - Lior Hochman must continue to engage in his work, the side while the craft training has indoctrinate fighters and that by virtue of being his commanders brigade and available, and abilities into action, in order to narrow the enemy's decision seeking to harm the security of their citizens and the sovereignty of their country. Marking activities of the division in Israel's wars and heroism of its soldiers will soon mark 40 years of the division's. Lior Hochman needle 460 (ליאור הוכמן מחט 460 ) division troops and techniques adopted were all unique and dominating by nature.

Lior Hochman was one of those famous commanders of Brigade Armed Corps who worked hard with full dedication and patriotism. For further information and queries related to the person and Lior Hochman needle 460 (ליאור הוכמן מחט 460) you can check the blog.


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