Virtually everybody always face the question of what they are supposed to do with their Dog when they travel or fall sick. That is why you need a unique dog boarding like Dog Day Getaway. Especially if you are looking for Dog Boarding Burnsville MN, Dog boarding in Lakeville MN, Dog boarding in Eagan MN, Dog boarding in Bloomington MN, Dog Boarding Eagan MN, Dog boarding in Minneapolis MN or Dog boarding in St Paul MN.But some Dog owners always decide to take the risk of taking their dog with them and they face a lot of problems like some hotel limitations, dog illness due to change of environment and a runaway pet can turn into a bad trip for you. Others take their dogs to an ignorant neighbor or untaught friends for their dog boarding. Once more, the always have a substandard outcome Because of this dog may escape and run into a bad place or they become seriously ill because they lack dependable, regular, and conversant supervision.

Auspiciously, majority of the informed dog owners who find themselves in need of a good dog care exploit the services of a proficient boarding kennel like Dog Day Getaway. According to a reliable source, more than 30 million pet owners indentify that a good, erudite and experienced boarding kennel operators Provide the most secure, reliable and safe dog care services. Thatís why Dog Day Getaway remains the best for you particularly if you need a Dog boarding in Burnsville MN, Dog Boarding Lakeville MN, Dog boarding in Eagan MN, Dog boarding in Bloomington MN, Dog boarding in Eagan MN, Dog boarding in Minneapolis MN or Dog boarding in St Paul MN.Before we move forward, few of us may be wondering and asking the question what is Dog boarding? so we will explain in details what we mean by dog boarding.


Dog boarding is simply a service offered by group of people called boarding kennels; they allow dog owners to drop their dogs off for an agreed amount of time (day, week, month or yearly) in an exchange for a discussed fee. In a layman language, dog boarding is a place where any dog owner can drop his/her dog for some hours or days, week, months. In dog boarding, there are kennels, full fledge rooms or a mini house to help you keep your pet protected and safe. Itís their responsibility to provide shelter and food for your Dog. There are different types of boarding kennels but the best of them is Dog Day Getaway.

So after knowing all about Dog boarding, itís time we explain some importance of hiring a Dog boarding kennel.

Importance of Dog Boarding

Some of the importance of hiring a dog boarding kennel is mentioned below:

Communication with Other Dogs: Ė There are lots of dog of different breeds and type in a Boarding. So your dog has an opportunity of meeting new faces, new friends which will enhance the growth of the dog.

Comfortable Environment
: Good boarding kennels are expected to put your dog in a well comfortable environment.

Your Dog is 100% Safe and Secure: Ė Dog boarding are mainly caused by reasons like Business trip, Official visits, death of any family or close friends and you are expected to leave your house immediately. So the question is who will you give your Dog, Definitely not your neighbors, friends or relatives because they are not safe and secure. The best place for you is the Dog boarding kennel which is 100% safe and secure.

Food Supply at appropriate Time: Your dog will be given his food at the right time.

Cleanliness: Cleanliness is the number one thing for your dog and you are assured this when you put your dog for boarding.

Finally, getting a good Boarding kennel is the best for your dog. So, if any person is planning to visit another place so no need to worry. Just drop your dog at any boarding school.

Dog Day Getaway Is an establishment meant for your Dog. We offer first class services in Dog boarding, with our high class staffs; you can travel and be rest assured your Dog is with another family. Check out Dog Day Getaway


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