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The third international sculpture symposium

Flags of participating countries fly high over the conference grounds
Nguyen Hoang Anh, A sculpting teacher at the HCMC Fine art school working on his male and female, titeled “Showering in the rain”.
Vietnam’s Third International Sculpture Symposium, part of Festival Hue 2002, welcomes 26 artists from 15 countries to the banks of the Perfume River from April 1 to May 15, 2002.

Since the first Festival Hue was held in 2000, Hue has been internationally known for its diverse culture that is so typical of Vietnam. The Sculpture Symposium has left a legacy of universal goodwill and 29 sculptural pieces, now part of the permanent display at the Nam Song Huong Park, Hue City.

The Third International Sculpture Symposium, where sculptors from the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Europe will work alongside 12 of Vietnam’s top artists, is presented under the theme “Impression of Hue-Vietnam”.

The Symposium aims to give sculptors, in Vietnam and abroad, an opportunity to exchange their experiences and arts, to expand understanding of the medium and to make Hue a showcase of international sculpture. The international sculpture garden in Hue, with juried pieces from five continents, is already becoming world famous.

The Sculpture Symposium underlines the Vietnamese people’s determination to integrate into the global culture.

Zhang Jihong from China. Pham The Binh, A teacher at the Hue College of Art, instructing assistants working on his sculptor.

An overview of the large park on the shore of the Perfume river with the Hue Bridge in the background

Mr Nguyen Hien, head of the sculpture department of the Hue College of Art


Location: The 3/2 Park, Perfume River Bank, next to Trang Tien Bridge

Duration: April 1 to May 15, 2002

Week 1: Participants enjoy city tour and finalize their draft models

Week 2,3,4 and 5: Participants work with their assistants

Week 6: Participants complete their pieces and put them on display

After that, all participants are warmly invited to enjoy the last three nights of the Festival. Each evening, participants are invited by students in Hue to display their creations.


1. Ms. Le Thi Hien, member of the Executive Committee of the Second and the Third Symposium, Lecturer of Sculpture Department, Hanoi College of Fine Arts

2. Ms. Mai Thu Van, Lecturer of Sculpture Department, Hanoi College of Fine Arts

3. Mr. Le Lang Luong, Lecturer of Sculpture Department, Hanoi College of Fine Arts

4. Mr. Nguyen Phuc Tung, Political General Department, member of the Executive Board of Hanoi Sculpture Association

5. Mr. Tran Hung, Lecturer of Sculpture Department, Hanoi College of Industrial Fine Arts

6. Mr. Le Thanh Nhon, former Dean of Sculpture Department, Hue College of Arts

7. Mr. Phan The Binh, Lecturer of Sculpture Department, Hue College of Arts

8. Mr. Bui Nam, Head of Secretarial Board for Fine Arts Association, Quang Ngai Literature and Arts Association

9. Mr. Dao Phuong, Vice Chairman, Nghe An Literature and Arts Association

10. Ms. Leu Thi Phuong, former Dean of Sculpture Department, Hue College of Arts

11. Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Lecturer of Sculpture Department, Ho Chi Minh City College of Fine Arts

12. Mr. Nguyen Hai Nguyen, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association


1. Kawagishi Yokichi - Japan

2. Tom Stephen Risley - Australia

3. Oyvin Storbaekken - Sweden

4. Piergiorgio Ballocchi - Italy

5. Jean Michel Moraud - France

6. Norio Takaoka - Japan

7. Peerapong Doungkaew - Thailand

8. James Gregory Gion - America

9. Ramlan Abdullah - Malaysia

10. Bonita Ely - Australia

11. Nakagawa Hiroshi - Japan

12. Tamura Kazuhiro - Japan

13. Michael Bullock - Australia

14. Thomas F. Morrissey - America

15. Schander Uli - Spain

16. Slobodan Kojic - Serbia

17. Edward Gibney - Canada

18. Peter Jacobi - Germany

19. Scmidt Gue - Australia

20. Gerard Howeler - Netherlands

21. Isamu Fujimoto - Japan

22. Art Sancher - Mexico

23. Alfi Vivern - Brasil

24. Nicole Ellis - Australia

25. Kristine Rippen - America

26. Noelene Lucas - Australia

The People’s Committee of Thua Thien Hue Province will officially invite seven sculptors from six ASEAN countries, all within the framework of Rockefeller Fund Project.


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