Vietnam Art Books -- Cinematography sees encouraging development in 2002 (Feb 06, 2003)

Cinematography sees encouraging development in 2002 (Feb 06, 2003)

For a long time, documentary films have experienced a few chances to access audience. Last October, the National Movie Centre, in co-ordination with four other film establishments, introduced 19 documentaries representing different periods of development of the Vietnamese documentary. These were valuable films which won high prizes at local and international film festivals.

In April 2002, the film 'Guava Season' director by Dang Nhat Minh was showing on screen in France. This was a historic event for Vietnamese cinematography. The film was welcomed there and many major newspapers in France praised the film.

In July, 2002, the Vietnam Cinematography Association and the Department of Cinematography jointly launched a national short film competition 2002-2003. The short film is a new addition to the art but plays an important role in cinematography of Vietnam. Making short film does not need so much money. This is a chance to discover and foster talented actors for the future.

The film 'Nguyen Ai Quoc in Hong Kong' began to be shot in October 2002. This was the first feature film about the late President Ho Chi Minh Vietnam co-produced with China.

Also in October, the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People's Army and the Army's Cinematography held a script writing competition camp with the theme of revolutionary war, national defence and the armed forces. Another script writing campaign was also launched last September to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long (the ancient name of the Hanoi city) by Hanoi municipal Party Committee, People's Committee and Cinematography Association.

The film 'Deserted Valley' by director Pham Nhue Giang joined the film festival in China. Chinese people were surprised at the success of the film when it was made with such a low investment. Nhue Giang was awarded the 'Asian New Director' title of the Association of Film Critics in Melbourne, Australia.

Vo Hoai Nam won the 'Best Young Actor' title at the Asia - Pacific Film Festival held in the Republic of Korea for his role in the film 'King of Rubbish Dump's King'.

Many feature films were also made last year. The film 'Hanoi in 12 Days and Nights' was completed after seven years in the production line. 'Who Will Be First-Footer at This Tet', a comedy film by the Vietnam Feature Film Studio which was introduced last Tet received warm acclaim from audience. The Studio also introduces a new comic feature film named 'Act as a Mandarin for One Hour' during this Tet. Hopefully the film will satisfy the people’s demand for entertainment during the Tet holiday.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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