Vietnam Art Books -- Teaching the tradition of VietNam lacquer painting

Teaching the tradition of VietNam lacquer painting

Duc Huy Huy and his wife Luong Thi Tuyet, both teachers at the Fine Art College of Hue, operate a large workshop in Hue where they teach lacquer to other artists and fine art students. The inclusive classes include instruction to under-privileged children and a class of eight mentally challenged students.

"We are very proud to promote the original and traditional lacquer painting technique," said Huy. Dedication to their art has led the couple, both in their 40s, to invitations to exhibit in Hue, Ho Chi Minh City, HaNoi, Bangkok and Paris. A large-scale exhibition of there work in France is planned later this year, in cooperation with the French Embassy in HaNoi.

The proper material, processes - and time - must to be utilized to prepare a quality lacquer painting, Huy explained. "It takes about six months to prepare a proper board that would have about 14 coats of resins." There are modern synthetic resins available now and some people are using faster processes, but Huy and Tuyet are proud to teach the traditional ways.

Internationally respected artists, Huy and Tuyet have been conducting lacquer seminars in France since 1994. They continue to spend three months each year throughout France teaching lacquer paintings.

Today Huy and Tuyet are in the process of building a new large studio on the outskirts of Hue. In addition to lacquer, the new studio will incorporate teachings of oil paintings, ceramics, sculpting and glasswork.

Huy and Tuyet can be reached at:
1 Rue Le Loi, Hue, VietNam

Huy and Tuyet, a husband and wife artists team dedicated to promote the uniquely Vietnamese art form of lacquer paintings.

Tuyet is putting the final hand rub polish on a lacquer painting.

Sample lacquer work of art created by challenged young students in Huy's and Tuyet's class.


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