Vietnam Art Books -- Busy musical performances in HCM City (March 04, 2003)

Busy musical performances in HCM City (March 04, 2003)

Songs of the late renowned composer Trinh Cong Son were sung in many night clubs in Ho Chi Minh City to commemorate the birthday of the composer.

The ATB stage of singer Anh Tuyet was busy with 'The Timeless Songs' with the performances of Bao Yen, Quang Dung and other singers.

Three nights of Trinh Cong Son music were also held at the 2B nightclub late last month with the participation of music stars such as Thanh Lam, Hong Nhung and Hong Hanh.

Musical stages in the city have been bustling since last weekend. A music show 'Sing Together' was held at the Ben Thanh theatre by VTV3 of Vietnam Television with the joining of students from Can Tho University, An Giang University and the Ho Chi Minh City Open University. Youth Cultural House with performances of favourite young singers such as Ung Hoang Phuc, Nhat Tinh Anh and Cam Ly attracted a large audiences. Open air musical stages set up in parks were lit up last weekend with the participation of many singers in the city.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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