Vietnam Art Books -- Artist soars in latest exhibit (Mar 11, 2003)

Artist soars in latest exhibit (Mar 11, 2003)

HA NOI — Local art venue Salon Natasha is currently hosting a
One of the paintings on display at Quang’s exhibition.
unique exhibition of rice paper drawings by young Ha Noi artist Nguyen Duy Quang.

Quang’s sketches were born from dreams of flying, an aspiration that he uses as a metaphor for the human urge to break free from earthly liaisons and restrictions.

With his examination of the struggle behind physical and psychological transcendence, Quang delves into the more complex aspects of human relationships.

His work depicts a world where those closest to him and those who love him the most are the same people who hold him back.

Using the motif of restraint, the artist weaves together representations of the people he knows, whom he passes by on his trajectory to freedom.

In these interactions we sense delicate but distinct undertones of aggression, uncertainty, elicit sexuality, loneliness and finally deep sadness.

But he still manages to maintain a sense of ambiguity, dream-like inquisitiveness and optimism that bring an uplifting air to his work.

Quang first made his name on the Vietnamese art scene with a piece called Three Men Play the Same Chess Game that was exhibited in the French Embassy last December.

Before this he had been making art, both by himself and in collaboration with others, since 2001.

Russian ex-pat Natasha Kraevskaia is both the owner and curator of the salon where Quang’s work is on show. She says the tense movements and dramatic action of his art back up Richard Serra’s assertion that "drawing is a verb."

Quang’s pictures will be on show at Salon Natasha, 30 Hang Bong Street, Ha Noi until March 15. — VNS

Reprinted with permission from Vietnam News Agency


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