Vietnam Art Books -- 'Bar Girl' film, a better way to popularise AIDS (Mar 12, 2003)

'Bar Girl' film, a better way to popularise AIDS (Mar 12, 2003)

A scene in the 'Gai Nhay' film
Though 'Bar Girl' has yielded billions of Vietnamese dong for film distributors in the south and is now causing a fever in the capital city, director of the film, Le Hoang has a retained a ‘realistic’ view about his 'spiritual child.' According to him, the film is just a normal one. 'Bar Girl' is merely a more attractive way to bring the issue of AIDS to a wider public. Therefore, the film should not be discussed in terms of artistic technique but in terms of the social impact. 'Bar Girl' proves that people have a good opinion of Vietnamese film. The film also shows that not only American, Hong Kong or Republic of Korean films can have relative box-office success. Furthermore, through the film, it is hoped that more people will stay away from drugs and prostitution.

Charactor My Duyen in the film.
The film touches upon a burning social issue, a worry of many families, which is drugs, prostitution and HIV/AIDS. Discotheques with colourful lights seem to be a paradise but are also the traps for young women coming to the cities from rural areas.

The film is drawing in large viewing public because of its attractive title, the strategy of advertisement of distributors and also support of the press. Many hold that this is also a lesson for Vietnamese film producers who should not dabble with obtuse themes but look into the taste of today’s audiences.

By DUONG TUNG (Tin Tuc newspaper)

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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