Vietnam Art Books -- Art troupes to perform overseas (April 2, 2003)

Art troupes to perform overseas (April 2, 2003)

Ninetyone members from the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra will begin their ten-day performance tour on April 14 at the invitation of the Guangxi Symphony Orchestra.

The troupe includes two foreign conductors, T Hinna (from Japan) and S Graham (the UK).

Meanwhile, 25 ballet dancers from the Vietnam Song, Dance and Music Theatre will perform in Malaysia in June.

It will be the first overseas performance tour by Vietnamese ballet dancers after nearly 20 years.

They are expected to perform 'Loi ru cua rung' (Forest's lullaby), 'Tinh que' (Countryside love), 'Menh mang mua xuan' (Infinite spring), 'Me-Mat troi' (Mother-Sun) and two extracts of the world's ballets that were staged in Vietnam. (VNA)

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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