Vietnam Art Books -- Artists who hear nationís voice (April 9, 2003)

Artists who hear nationís voice (April 9, 2003)

Spring Walk - oil on canvas by Hai Phong-born artist Hoang Anh
The variety and rich-ness of Vietnamese life is the subject of 40 oil paintings on display at HCM Cityís Equatorial Hotel.

The collection, The Sound of the Vietnamese People, features works by three distinguished painters, Pham Hoang Anh, Ha Huynh My and Quan Tho, who live in three different regions of Viet Nam.

Their art shares many similarities in theme and technique; their works capture on canvas the beauty of Vietnamese culture.

This exhibition looks at the varied lifestyles of Vietnamese people, with a particular focus on women.

Ha Huynh My and Quan Tho, who hail from the south of Viet Nam, are inspired by the daily life of southern countryside people and the simple objects they use. Their paintings represent the daily lives of ordinary people against vivid rural backgrounds. Imagery used in the paintings includes bamboo bushes, lotus pools, palm-leaf conical hats and the traditional Vietnamese dress known as ao dai.

The works of Hai Phong-born artist Hoang Anh are more solemn: scenes of women in sanctuaries and secluded places, the emotions of the figures in the paintings brought out by the artistís subtle brush work.

The artists say they paint with their ears and hearts, not their paintbrushes.

Bold colours of red, bright orange and black are common to all the works, while light yellow, earth brown, grey and light green being used in countryside scenes.

The artists have previously exhibited around Viet Nam and overseas, including the US, the UK, France, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and Singapore.

The exhibition will be in the Hotel Equatorialís lobby hall, 242 Tran Binh Trong Street , District 5, HCM City until May 5. ó VNS

Reprinted with permission from Vietnam News Agency


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