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The Fair Housing act: Boon for buyers and renters in USA

The story behind enforcement of the Fair housing act, in 1968 is that it was really much more needed to impose the law which can save the rights of buyers and renters. When in USA, it was feeling that proposals from the people for buying the apartments for sale or homes for sale in the USA are rejected without the valid reason but on the basis of cheap thinking like religion, color, race or national origin. To stop these type discriminations, Government of USA had to bring such law which be favorable of buyers.

The intention was very clear and the results were also very encouraging as, after the enforcement of the act, it was assessed that the no. of cases of unlawful activities were decreasing.

It is really important for any buyer to know his rights while buying the FSBO home or any property. After knowing all these rules buyer can know that I can not be prohibited to buy the home even by the seller without the genuine reason. Here are some key points of the Fair Housing Act.

Seller can not refuse to sell his home on the basis of race, color, religion or national origin.

Seller can not publish advertisement which indicates such partiality.

The Fair Housing act is not only for buyers but also renters, if the tenant also finds any outlaw act by the landlord the he can sue him.

Final words

The act has been modified many a time after the enforcement, as the demand for the sake of seller's right also raised by many organizations and it was found that buyers and renters are taking advantage of this act, and just to harass owner going against him.

For more details, you can make a search of “Fair Housing Act ”on Internet, and there you can find many useful resources to understand the act more clearly and easily.


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