Vietnam Art Books -- Vietnam's ‘The Central Highlands Love’ attracts thousands (May 06, 2003)

Vietnam's ‘The Central Highlands Love’ attracts thousands (May 06, 2003)

A musical night entitled ‘The Central Highlands Love’ was held on the Buon Ma Thuot City’s Square on May 4, attracting thousands of people from suburban villages and hamlets of Cu Dut, Cu M’ga and Krong districts who travelled through tens of kilometres of mountainous roads to get there.

The Hanoi UNESCO association, organiser of the performance said this was the first time a performance in the Central Highlands had attracted such a large audience. The 25,000-seat square was filled to capacity.

One of those attending named Nguyen Hien, who carried his 16-year-old daughter for a distance of 40 kilometres to see the performance, said that “I am afraid of heavy rains spoiling the performance” despite the long-lasting drought in the Central Highlands.

Other concert goers said they felt that there was no gap between audience and singers. Popular singers such as Y Moan, My Linh, Y Zak, Siu Black and Minh Anh and the Basalt band gave beautiful performances.

This was a charitable performance designed to raise money to build schools for children in the Central Highlands.

Reprinted with permission from Nhan Dan Newspaper


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