Vietnam Art Books -- Ambitious Vietnamese sci-fi flick set to thrill audiences (May 20, 2003)

Ambitious Vietnamese sci-fi flick set to thrill audiences (May 20, 2003)

A science-fiction flick relying heavily on computer graphics entirely made by Vietnamese artists, Tro Dua Cua Thien Loi (The Thunder God’s Game) is being touted by local insiders as one of the country’s most ambitious high-tech cinematographic endeavours yet.

Director Nguyen Quang – whose name is tied to dramas such as Nhung Nam Thang Dep (Beautiful Years), Loi Thi Tham Cua Chien Tranh (Whispers of the War) and Duoi Tan Rung Lang Le (Under the Quiet Palms) – said he’s planned a movie which will be "digestible to all different types of audience."

Having worked closely with young special effects experts from an IT company for the past months, Quang has assembled a cast of fresh and good-looking faces in a adaptation of the short story Chuyen Co The (Something Possible) by Vu Bao.

The film yarns the story of an engineer who develops magic powers after being struck by lightening. The man, Le Tinh, is given the gift of reading people’s minds from the God of Thunder that alters his life forever.

From a simple and friendly workaholic, Tinh gradually turns into an arrogant and cunning creation. Though bewildered at first, he quickly exploits his gift to obtain power and money.

With big expectations preceding it, The Thunder God’s Game is a trademark production of Feature Film Studio 1, which was behind last year’s sensation and Viet Nam Cinematography Association Award-winner Luoi Troi (Heaven Net).

"Although Vietnamese audiences’ preferences tilt to the deluge of Western movies full of high-tech effects, this made-in-Viet Nam can still hold its own," the director said.

Fiction movies employing heavy computer graphics have been a small, but growing niche in the domestic entertainment industry with most films made in Australian studios. Touting ferocious air battle scenes, though, the recent epic Dien Bien Phu Tren Khong (Dien Bien Phu of the Air) has lifted the standard on made-in-Viet Nam flicks.

Quang looks to push the envelope further with Thunder God’s Game and has already begun filming some of the film’s fancier sequences, according to the director.

One scene includes a hair-raising shot of Le Tinh waking up from a nightmare and looking into a mirror – which beams back a warped reflection of an evil Tinh. The two men then get caught in a row of harsh words before the evil man in the mirror extends his deadly hand to snatch the real Tinh.

While Quang is happy to reveal the casting of Tinh’s love interest as amateur Vietnamese-Czech actress Tinna Tinh, the male lead is still under wraps. Also weaving a romantic plot, the film is anticipated to come out by the end of this year. — VNS

Reprinted with permission from Vietnam News Agency


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