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Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine that employs an array of natural forms of treatment including herbs, acupuncture and homeopathy. It is a combination of modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. Naturopathy or also referred to as naturopathic medicine promotes healing of whole person mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically focusing on eliminating the problem from its root. In naturopathy medicine, doctors enable the power of body to heal itself and not to work or suppress the symptoms. Professionals practicing Naturopathy medicine are known as Naturopathic Doctors.

Naturopathic doctors work closely with patients to eradicate their problems and help them achieve optimal health. An increasing number of people these days are turning to naturopathic doctors for their health care needs as they are the most dedicated healthcare professionals who are competent in treating most types of acute and chronic conditions. Naturopathic doctors combine the insight of nature with asperity of modern science. They focus on proactive protection, holistic and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of the medical conditions and endeavor to provide long term solutions to the patients. If you have been suffering from any chronic pain, disorder or any health related problem such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression then it is advised to contact a trusted naturopathic doctor who can provide effective long term solutions to your conditions and help improve the quality of your life.

There are some trusted naturopathic doctors in Canada who can get you out of all kind of problems related to your health and well being. A naturopathic physician will take time to understand your health history, know about your diet, stress levels, your habits and know what problem you have. The naturopathic physicians collaboratively work with their patients to set up a customized health management plan for quicker and better results. They perform thorough examinations and other diagnostic tests in order to identify the condition and figure out what treatment is suitable for their patient. They understand that even a minor problem can get worse with time and therefore, they bring in their vast experience and expertise to treat the condition in its early stages. They keep themselves up-to-date with the latest scientific researches and work on the same to provide better treatment and care to their patients.

Naturopathy is a drug free and non-invasive treatment and hence there are no chances of side effects. It facilitates the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimum health. Some of the most common ailments they treat include hormonal imbalance, heart diseases, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, chronic pain and more. With reference to naturopathic doctor weight loss, they suggest healthy nutrition and lifestyle counseling which proves to be beneficial for quick and effective weight loss.

If you are somebody who is suffering from any health issue and looking for Naturopathic doctor, then Dr. Karim Alami, ND can help you with all your health related problems. He has completed a rigorous 4-year program from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) along with concurrently pursuing a 2-year homeopathic program at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine (OCHM). With a wealth of experience in the field of naturopathy and homeopathy, Dr. Alami provides the best medical solutions to his patients and leaves no stones unturned to improve their quality of life.

About Dr. Karim Alami

Dr. Karim Alami is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario and currently practices in Ottawa, Ontario. His approach to optimizing your health is to help you identify the root cause of your concerns, and then to develop a gentle and unique treatment plan that works for you. To know more, visit


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