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Central Park is such a remarked place in Manhattan that it has made New York City a so much better place to live. The enormous and astonishing creation of Central Park has led as an epitome of city parks around the world. This beautiful park is widespread in 843 acres of land and situated in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. Central Park is a main tourist attraction as it is treasured with multiple lakes, theaters, ice rinks, numerous playgrounds, tennis court, baseball fields, fountains and other facilities. This main made park is arguably an outclass tourist attraction for the visitors of New York City. Central Park is a must see spot for travelers heading to Manhattan, NYC. The most preferable sightseeing style for this historic heritage of NYC is by choosing eco-friendly tourism activities such as pedicab Central Park tours, biking tours, horse carriages, walking, etc.

Eco-friendly tourism activities are the best methods to explore a region as it enhances the exploration of the places for tourism, eco-friendly tourism or ecotourism activities are sustainable for the environment and help you to connect with the area closer. Ecotourism is the most suggested system to explore the vast landscape of Central Park. You can go ahead with the idea of delving the Central Park with ecotourism techniques walking, bike riding and pedicabs. There are literally more than hundreds of attractions in Central Park to explore, however, as cars are banned during the weekend ecotourism activities are the top choices among people to travel throughout the park and explore nearer places.

Bike tours Central Park is the most common mode of digging the best of experience while travelling in the Central Park, NYC. There are some leading eco-friendly tour operators in New York that are dedicated to the environmental sustainability of NYC. They excel in the field of eco-tourism; they offer plenty of eco-friendly tour packages with different modes of eco-friendly transportation to discover the unique places in NYC. These operators provide fully guided eco-tours along with their experienced guides to make your Central Park trip an experience of a lifetime.

One of the leading eco-tourism operators in New York are Eco Central Park Tours. Eco Central Park Tours offer only eco-friendly options to discover the Central Park and other famous landmarks of city. With flexible and knowledgeable guides, Eco Central Park Tours make sure that their guests are served the with utmost professionalism while also keeping in mind that they are fully informed about the importance of the historical landmarks, the city of New York has to offer.

About Eco Central Park Tours

Eco Central Park Tours is one of the few renowned eco-friendly tour operators in New York that offers multitude of eco-tourism options such as walking tours, bike tours, horse carriage and bike rentals Central Park for the tourists to sightsee the iconic landmarks in New York. Being completely dedicated to environmental sustainability of NYC the company donates 1% of their overall profits for environmental causes. For more visit


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