Vietnam Art Books -- Cham Culture Celebrated at HCMC, by Mai Anh Dung

Cham Culture Celebrated at HCMC, by Mai Anh Dung

"Da & Dang" Past and Present
A solo exhibition by Mai Anh Dung
From April 13 - 22, 2002


Cham People Captured in Exhibit

The Cham people of VietNam's mountain region is the focus of an extensive and dedicated art exhibit by Mai Anh Dung, one of VietNam's premiere artists, held at 92 Le Thanh Ton, Dist. 1, HCMC.

Mai Anh Dung lived amongst the Cham people for four years, chronicling the life and culture of these mountain people in the Phan Rang, Binh Thuan and Pleiku regions of the Western Central Highlands.

The Pleiku region, where Mai Anh Dung spent a year on his studies, is known for its mix of historic French architecture and traditional Vietnamese culture - and for its pivotal role in VietNam's history.

Twenty-one of Mai Anh Dung's large-scale, powerful paintings and other art works celebrate the Cham people in Mai Anh Dung's first solo exhibition since he graduated from the HCMC Fine Arts University 10 years ago.

Mai Anh Dung, who has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Ho Chi Minh City, HaNoi, Australia and Germany, won the Gold Medal at the 1994 First National Art Exhibition in HaNoi.


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