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Non-Government Organizations, better known as NGOs, are organizations that are regulated or controlled by a group of individuals (not related to the government) who provide social services in diverse areas such as education, art and culture, the environment, empowerment, and much more. These non-profit organizations, which play a pivotal role in modern society, work toward social change by promoting the development of impoverished communities.

To support underserved communities, overseas volunteering provides individuals with an opportunity to share new perspectives and ideas, while organizing diverse kinds of educational and cultural programs through NGOs. It is indeed very beneficial to both the organization and the volunteers, as they work together to share knowledge and expertise to improve the conditions of poverty-stricken populations.

Many people are enthusiastic about international volunteer opportunities to serve underprivileged communities around the world and make a positive societal difference. Such opportunities help volunteers realize the true essence of humanity while experiencing life-transforming lessons. This type of work instills a sense of motivation and awareness about the dire need to extend support to impoverished sections of the society.

Such organizations require the skilled assistance of volunteers to deliver essential aids to underprivileged people especially in slums and shanty towns. Many individuals, whether students or professionals, are always eager to work in volunteer organizations Brazil so that they can help NGOs improve the quality of life at social, cultural, and moral levels. NGOs in Brazil require skills and assistance from volunteers to deliver essential programs to underprivileged communities, especially in the favelas (shantytowns) of Rio de Janeiro.

Community in Action is one of the dedicated non profit organizations Rio that deliver positive change in the lives of indigent people throughout Rio’s favelas. The NGO’s mission is to provide educational, vocational, and cultural classes for students of all ages, as well as providing personal development opportunities to social entrepreneurs and overseas volunteers.

About Community in Action:

Community in Action is one of the primary non profit organizations in Brazil that provides opportunity to volunteer in Rio along with various other volunteer programs fall within the following five categories: Education, Arts and Culture, Empowerment, Manual Labor, and the Environment. about getting involved in a volunteering in Rio.


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