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Being a locksmith is not an easy job. You need to understand the technicalities and mechanism of various locks and picks so as to make sure that you are able to help people get out of sticky situations like lockouts. Imagine a situation where you have been called at the dead hour the night and as soon as you reach the spot, you find out that you donít have the needed picks and decoders. This is when you realize that itís time to upgrade your tool box and deliver more efficient services.

When you talk about lock picking tools and equipment, you must realize that they are manufactured to get you through even against a complex lock mechanism. If you are an auto locksmith, then you must be aware of the various latest auto locksmith tools and picks that are available in the market. These picks are designed efficiently so that they do not hamper the mechanism of the lock.

If you as a locksmith are looking for some of the best locksmithing tools and picks, then make sure that you opt for the best brand of lock picks. Genuine Lishi has proved to be one of the most popular brands when lock picks are considered. The most unique characteristic of the lock picks of this brand is that they fit in the wafers of the lock easily and are very smooth to work with. Be it any kind of lock, this brand makes sure that all its tools and equipment fulfill the need of every locksmith. The tools and equipment of Genuine Lishi are all well tested and approved as per the standard quality measures. This is the reason why they turn out to be so durable.

Genuine Lishi as a brand surprised all the locksmiths by launching a range of night vision tools as well. Not only these tools incorporate the unique glowing feature, but they are also packaged differently so that one can easily differentiate them from the traditional Genuine Lishi tools easily. Be it any light condition, these tools can work under any circumstances.

About Genuine Lishi:

Genuine Lishi is regarded as one of the best brands in the market of lock picks. From Ford tibbe pick decoder to lock picks, you can find all the tools with them. for more details, visit


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