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Buy Genuine Prescription Medications Online with UKMedix

Industrialization plays a key role in the overall development of any country. It works as a revenue generator for the nation. General purpose tools and machineries are of great importance in all the industries as they help in executing various daily operations. Whether it is a car manufacturing company, transportation company or a rubber and plastic industry, there is always a need of handy tools such as lifting equipment, hinges, chains, safety equipment and accessories. These tools and machinery may also include wheels, locks, sheets, stainless steel products etc. that are all used in manufacturing of various other products.

A lifting crane (מנוף הרמה) is very important machinery that is required by almost all industries. Generally, cranes are used in automobile industries to lift cars and also in metal working industries to lift heavy metal pipes and for many other purposes according to the requirement. These cranes are generally equipped with wire ropes, hoist ropes or chains and used to move and place heavy loads from one place to another. These cranes are also capable to move loads both vertically and horizontally.

A winch is another mechanical device that is mostly used to adjust the tension of a rope or a cable so as to perform industrial tasks. Generally, two types of winch including electric winch and lifting winch are used widely. An electric winch (כננת חשמלית) is normally installed in boats and ATV vehicles to trigger the engine while lifting winch serves similar purpose as that of a lifting chain.

Other than aforementioned products, there are a large number of devices which may be required to handle different tasks. These days, there are a few reliable companies which offer a wide range of high quality general purpose industrial tools at the most reasonable prices. is one of the leading companies renowned for manufacturing and supplying industrial tools and machinery to various industries. The company provides services to almost all industries including hospitals, defense industry, electronic equipment industry and several other government organizations.

About is a prominent company that manufactures and supply high quality tools and industrial supplies to almost all industries. The company has a stock of more than 30000 products including lifting winch (כננת הרמה), chains, leveling equipment, safety products and many more. To know more, you can visit


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